Have you ever…..?

Have you ever had a gut feeling that something didn’t feel right? That you were in the wrong place or with the wrong person? Or on the opposite spectrum, have you ever known that something was absolutely right but you couldn’t explain it? All of these questions have to do with our intuition. Intuition has many names, gut instinct, inspiration, a hunch, premonition, reading between the lines, red flags, “nagging” feeling, rings true, a sixth sense, the list goes on.

We have all experienced this, some more than others. We can learn to develop it and to listen to it more. If we do, we open ourselves up to richer experiences in our lives.

My name is Heidi Kelley and I want to share with you my story…

It was Winter 2008, at that time of my life, I had a Red Mustang, a fun car, but horrible in Wisconsin winters. This one particular morning there was a snowstorm. I had an appointment that I knew I could cancel, but something told me I needed to head out. I was driving out in the country on a deserted winding road. I was driving on a curve in the road, but my car didn’t want to turn, the wheels headed straight for a ditch. I quickly realized the car was going straight towards a metal pole. The next thing I knew the song “Jesus take the Wheel” popped into my head and the car swerved to the right, just missing the pole. I was so thankful! I also quickly realized there was little traffic and here I was stuck in a ditch in the middle of winter. What was I going to do?

After being in the car for a few minutes, a white truck stopped. I immediately recognized the man as someone I had a date with earlier in the year, we weren’t a love match but we remained friends. Imagine my surprise! He was my knight in shiny armor (or in this case a man in a big white truck!) I realized later, I was to meet him beforehand and to know I was safe to have him drive me home.

Once I got home I started to call friends to see who could pull me out (I knew the tow trucks would be busy). The last person I wanted to call was a very good friend of mine, fighting a battle of cancer. I knew he wasn’t feeling good and didn’t want to disturb him. After not having any luck finding anyone to help me, I reluctantly picked up the phone and called him. Wow, was I ever surprised. He was like a boy on Christmas morning. He had gotten new chains earlier in the year, but never had a chance to use them. He was a little boy again getting to use his new toy!

He quickly pulled my car out and I thanked him by taking him to breakfast. We sat and talked for hours. He had a lot on his mind that had been bottled up. I sat there and listened, very thankful to have this chance to hear him. I knew then there was a reason for all the events of the morning.

If I had canceled my appointment and not have gone out in the storm, I would never have had such an amazing day. I realized how amazing it was in the fall when my friend passed away. I will always treasure that very special day.  I have certainly learned to listen to my intuition. It really guides me and helps me thru the ups and downs in my life.

What intuitive experiences have you had?

Heidi Kelley 
Intuitive Realty/KW
3 Point Place
Madison, WI 53719





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