Card Reading Results for 11/29


Here is your message from the Angels for November 29th.  The Angels let you know what you need to hear most in your life right now! Much love and blessings! Enjoy

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A. ) Past-Life Issue:

This situation has a basis in one of your previous lifetime. Ask your angels to help you remember, release, learn, and heal from your past experiences.

You drew this card because experiences and emotions from one of your previous lifetimes are influencing the situation you’re inquiring about. You have well-earned wisdom from that past life; allow it to guide you in your present situation by trusting your gut feelings and hunches. Those intuitive impulses result from the knowledge you’ve gained in an earlier life–trust it!

People from your past life are making themselves known to you in this lifetime. They include soulmate and family members, all with whom you share karmic ties. In the past, these relationships may have been painful, but now is your opportunity to balance that, and break their reincarnation cycle if you choose.

Archangel Raziel is the angels who helps you understand, simulate, and heal your past life memories.

B.) Books:

Your life purpose involves writing, reading, editing, or selling spiritually based books.

You drew this card because you’ve been asking about your life’s purpose. You are ready know that you have a deep affinity for sacred and spiritual books. This card affirms that you’d be very fulfilled by taking your love of books to the next level. You’re aware of what this involves because you’ve dreamed of immersing yourself in good books.

This card also means that the answer to your question is within books so pay attention to titles that are recommended to you or books that mysteriously fall from shelves, as they contain guidance for you.

This card is a call for you to take definite action toward your book related dreams. Whether you desire to write a book, open a book store, or read more, take the next step without delay. The angels are assisting you with this endeavor.

Archangel Gabrielle is a messenger angel, who helps writers, teachers, and others involved with delivering spiritual messages.

C.) Be Willing to Forgive:

Ask the angels to clear your mind and body of past pain in exchange for peacefulness.

The angels are trying to help you to heal anger related to your past experiences and relationships. This old anger has become a barrier to attracting your desires, as well as a magnet that attracts similar situations to your side. This is a very important message, and your little bit of willingness to forgive is all that’s required. You don’t need to forgive the action that occurred in your past. You simply need to be willing to allow the angels to help you clear away the toxic poison of unforgiveness from your heart and mind. In this regard, you’re trading pain for peace. The benefits of forgiveness include increased peace of mind, renewed energy, and the ability to focus.

Ask Archangel Raphael to help you with this forgiveness to bring his green healing energy to you and the others involved. Be open to Raphael’s loving and powerful cleansing process, ask him to release the pain in exchange for peace.

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