Count Your Blessings: Day 1


You will have heard people say to count your blessings, and when you think about the things you’re grateful for, that’s exactly what you’re doing. But what you may not have realized is that counting your blessings is one of the most powerful practices you can ever do, and it will magically turn your whole life around!

When you’re grateful for the things you have, no matter how small they can they may be, you will see those things instantly increase. If you’re grateful for the money you have, however little, you will see your money magically grow. If you’re grateful for relationship, even if it’s not perfect, you will see it back there were actual asleep get even better. If you’re grateful for the job you have, even if it’s not your dream job, things will begin to change so that you enjoy your job more, and all kinds of the opportunities for your work will suddenly appear.

The flip side is that when we’re not counting our blessings, we can fall into the trap of unintentionally  negative things when we talk about things we don’t have. We count  negative things when we criticize or find fault with other people, when we complain about traffic, waiting in lines, delays, the government, not enough money, or the weather. When we count negative things they increased too, but on top of that, with every negative thing we count, we cancel out blessings that were on their way. I have tried both counting my blessings and counting negative things and I can assure you that counting your blessings is the only way to have abundance in your life.

“Better to lose count while naming your blessings then to lose your blessings to counting your troubles”.
Maltbie D Babcock (1858 to 1901) Writer and Clergyman

First thing in the morning, or as early in the day as you can, count your blessings. You can write out your list by hand, type it on a computer, or use a special book or journal and keep all of your gratitude in one place. Today, you are going to make a simple list of 10 blessings in your life you are grateful for.

When Einstein gave thanks, he thought about why he was grateful. When you think about the reason why you’re grateful for a particular thing, person, or situation, you will feel gratitude more deeply. Remember that the magic of gratitude happens according to the degree of your feeling! So with each item on your list write the reason why you’re grateful for it. Here are some ideas for writing your list

1.  I am truly blessed to have _____
because _____.

2.  I am so happy and grateful for _____

because _____.

3.  I’m truly grateful for ______

because ______.

4. With all my heart, thank you for ______

because _______.

After you finish making your list of 10 blessings, go back and read each one,  either in your mind or out loud. When you get to the end of each blessing, say the magic words 3 times: thank you, thank you, thank you, and feel the gratitude for that blessing as much as you can possibly can.

To help you feel more gratitude, you can be grateful to the Universe, God, Spirit, goodness, life, you greater self, or any other contact you are drawn to you. When you direct gratitude towards something or someone, you will feel it even more, and your gratitude will have even more power, and pretty even more magic! It’s the reason why indigenous an ancient cultures choose symbols like the sun to direct their gratitude toward. They were simply using physical symbols to represent the universal source of all goodness, and in focusing on that simple they felt more gratitude.

‘the Magic’ by Rhonda Byrne

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