Card Reading Results for 12/02


Here is your message from the Angels for December 2nd. The Angels let you know what you need to hear most in your life right now! Much love and blessings! Enjoy

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A. ) Clear Yourself:

Ask the angels to release any toxic energies that you may have absorbed.

This card comes to you because the Angels see that you’re carrying some lower energies. Because of your high sensitivity and compassion, you may have absorbed this negativity from other people’s fears. ( You can contact me for info on how to shield yourself, protect yourself against these lower energies) These toxic energies may have also sprung from your own past years. Regardless of their material source, your angels want to help you clear your energy field.

It’s a good idea to ask for angelic clearing whenever you’ve experienced harsh situations where arguing, intense competition, violence, or substance abuse has occurred. As a sensitive Lightworker, you sometimes unwittingly carry others painful energy in a well-intentioned desire to be helpful (but please ask the angels to shoulder this pain from now on, and they’re equipped to handle its radioactivity toxicity without harming themselves). Ready to clear? Then follow the action steps below.

Action steps

Sit or lie down in a comfortable position so that your back isn’t touching any surface, (for example, lie on your side or stomach, or lean forward in your chair). Then breathe deeply and say, either silently or out loud:

“Archangel Michael, I call upon you now. Please use your Divine healing magnet to lift any energies of fear anger or jealousy from my back, neck, and shoulders. Please help me feel compassion for those who may have sent lower energies my way so that they may be healed by Divine love. Thank you for clearing away toxic, fear-based energies and entities from within and around me.”

B.) You Are Profoundly Clairvoyant!:

Trust what you see in your mind’s eye as well as with your physical sight, for your spiritual vision helps you with healing, teaching, and guidance.

The Angels send you this card to help you trust the visions you receive in your mind’s eye during dream time, as well as the signs that you physically see (such as recurring numbers, feathers, coins, flashes of light, and so forth). Since the Creator is all-seeing it stands to reason that you and everyone else would inherit the gift of spiritual sight. If your gift seems blocked, the cause may be a painful past experience that the Angels can help you heal and release.

Know that it’s right for you to see clairvoyantly, as this blessing can be used to assist you with your healing and teaching work. Your clairvoyance also gives you continuous and accurate guidance, much like a GPS electronic map in a car that guide you to see the right destination. Trust what you see!

In a quiet location say:

“Archangel Raziel, I call upon you now. Please surround me with your highest and purest vibrations of Divine love to heal and release any old fears connected to my spiritual sight.”

Then breathe and relax, as your body may tingle or shutter while it releases old toxins. Stay with this process until your body feels completely at ease. Know that you can control your clairvoyance by asking the Angels for help. You may want to write down anything that comes to you during this time so you can review it at another time.

C.) Parents:

The divine truth is that your parents eternally love you to the best of their ability. The angels are helping you heal from any pain associated with your mother or father.

You drew this card because the answer to your question involves emotions connected to your mother or father. For example, if you were having difficulty receiving loving kindness from others, the underlying issue could stem from unhealed emotions you have toward your mom. That’s because receptivity is a feminine energy, represented by our mothers. If you feel afraid to receive love or feel guilty about asking for your needs to be met, then call upon the angels to heal and help.

With your father, the primary spiritual response is about male energy and developing confidence in your abilities to go out into the world and make a positive difference. If your self-confidence is wavering, ask the angels to help you manage your emotional connections with your dad.

This card is also a signal that your parents do love you, even if the way they showed it wasn’t fulfilling for you. If your mother or father is in heaven, then they send this card to you as a way of saying “I love you”.

The angels will intervene in any painful emotion associated with your parents, if you ask. Go to a quiet and private place, and say this request either silently or out loud:

“Guardian angels of myself and of my mother and father, I call upon you now. I ask for your healing blessings with my internal and external relationship with my parents. I’m willing to release emotional toxins associated with my childhood, adolescents, and adulthood. I ask the angels to help me trade any and all pain for peace right now.

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