Card Reading Results for 12/04-Life Purpose


Here is your message from the Angels about your Life Purpose for December 4th!  The Angels let you know what you need to hear most in your life right now about your soul’s journey! Much love and blessings! Enjoy

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A. ) Career Change:

You’re embarking upon a career that brings you the joy and abundance you desire and deserve.

This card comes to you as validation of your feeling that it’s time to change your career. As much as you’ve grown tired of your present vocational track, you’ve also wrestled with insecurities about making the change. You’ve worried about finances and other aspects involved with this decision. Fortunately, the Angels want to let you know that they’re helping and supporting you!

Instead of focusing on what might happen in a negative sense, allow yourself to daydream about positive possibilities. See yourself fully immersed in a meaningful career, making a wonderful income and succeeding in all that you do. Imagine yourself waking up in the morning excited about the workday before you. These are all very real possibilities, if you’re willing to go along with your internal guidance.

The Angels will guide you intuitively one step at a time, so please don’t get ahead of yourself and make sudden moves. Instead, stay fully immersed in the present and commit to doing your best. Your career change may be gradual, with you initially delving into another field on a part time basis. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel that helps you stay positive about your present moments.

B.) Sensitivity:

You’re becoming more sensitive and need to make changes accordingly.

This card comes to you because your present career environment is too harsh for your increasingly sensitive soul and body. It’s time to face this fact and make changes accordingly. Sometimes it’s possible to heal a work environment if you have others cooperation. And it’s even possible to single-handedly inspire fellow employees through your own shift into an optimistic and sunny disposition.

Your interests and tastes have shifted recently, and what once interested you no longer appeals to you. You’re also more sensitive to the energies of the people with whom you spend time and the places you frequent. You need a gentle work environment, with supportive co-workers and a cooperative way of conducting business. You also need a career you feel good about, which lends a sense of meaning to your life.

Most likely, though, this card signals a change of employment, enabling you to ensure that you’re surrounded by other gentle and sensitive coworkers and clients. Be open to the benefits that such a change affords you, even if you have to let go of material perks as you make this transition. The Angels assure you that your personal happiness is the greatest job benefit of all.

C.) Healer:

You have the spiritual gift of healing, and a desire to share it with others.

This card validates what you’ve always known: you are a healer. While each person possesses this gift, some–like–you have refined and polished their abilities. The Divine love and light within every sentient being can be directed and amplified to benefit others, and you’ve learned how to do so through many lifetimes devoted to healing work.

You’ve been conducting this work for most of your present life, and the others are naturally drawn to you for help. You’re compassionate, intuitive, and sensitive. For this reason, you can build up confidence in your healing abilities by trusting your feelings and intuitive ideas. You can also feel more self-assured as a healer by taking classes related to your interest, even if they’re an eclectic mix of subjects.

As a healer, you’ll need to take exceptional care of yourself emotionally and physically to withstand the intense energetic demand of caring for others. Follow your intuitive guidance as to diet, exercise, and lifestyle; and practice healthy boundaries with other people. Remember that the greatest healers know when to take rest and also how to balance giving with receiving. By practicing a healthy lifestyle, yourself, you become an inspiring role model and ensure your longevity in the healing profession.


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