Card Reading Results for 12/05


Here is your message from the Angels for December 5th. The Angels let you know what you need to hear most in your life right now! Much love and blessings! Enjoy

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A. ) The Sun: Archangel Uriel:

Happy outcome! Brilliant new ideas that lead to success. Have confidence in yourself!

This card indicates that it’s a wonderful time for you! You’re succeeding in ways you never dreamed possible. Endeavors that you begin now are blessed with abundance and success. Keep your thoughts positive and everything will turn out beautifully. This is also a time of brilliant new ideas and solutions. Have confidence in yourself!

The work you’ve done personally and spiritually brings astonishing changes to your life. You’re on the right path for your own enlightenment.

Uriel is the Archangel who helps with mental functioning, including focus and concentration. Call a upon Uriel to spark new ideas and solutions as well as to increase your confidence in your intelligence and wisdom.

B.) Strength: Archangel Ariel:

Great inner strength, release harsh judgement. Forgiveness and compassion.

This card comes to you because you need to know that you’re stronger than you realize. You can definitely handle your current situation. However, instead of “powering through it,” you’re better off with an approach of compassion, kindness, and gentleness. This strength that this situation calls for comes from the softness of a spiritual course.

Your strength and effectiveness increase as you believe in yourself and your ability to grow from the experiences you have in life. Look upon challenges as opportunities to learn and apply your knowledge and magical touch.

Archangel Arielle is the angel of the spirit of nature. Because I really so close to Earth, she helps with day-to-day material needs of home, food, clothing, and so forth. Call upon re all for strength and support if you’re worried about finances or desperate times.

C.) Unity: Archangel Sandalphon:

Traditional viewpoints or methods. Spiritual organizations. Seek out mentors and like-minded friends.

Working in groups enriches you right now. You drew this card because it’s time for you to expand your circle of friends or join a group. For example, you may want to enroll in school or become part of a spiritual organization. This is also an optimal time to make friends with supportive new people who have integrity and strong moral compass.

It’s also time to question and review any rules, restrictions, or limited beliefs that have been placed around your current situation (by you or by others) to make sure that they’re fair to everyone involved. This can lift any previous blocks to the manifestation of your goals.

Sandalphon is the Archangel who delivers prayers from earth to heaven. Call upon him to increase your faith and your commitment to your dreams and goals.

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