Archangel Guidance Card Reading Results for 12/11


Here is your message from the Angels for December 11th. The Angels let you know what you need to hear most in your life right now! Much love and blessings! Enjoy

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A. ) Balance; Archangel Zadkiel:

The need for balance and moderation. Cooperation and compromise. Wait for perfect timing.

The angels are cautioning against making impulsive decisions or moves right now. Patience! Instead, take the path of moderation and balance in this situation. You’ll experience better results by re-evaluating your current circumstances and changing your approach. If you acted impulsively in the past, you can heal and rectify things. And if you’re considering making dramatic life changes, then this card asks you to approach the those changes slowly and methodically.

This card encourages you to work, cooperatively with others, and to see things from their point of view. Compassion and kindness are keys to successfully manifesting your dreams. Forgiveness also brings healing which allows new beginnings.

Life is a constant mixing in balancing of experiences that affect our future. We never stop learning, but we may have to repeat certain types of events in our lives if we forget to pause and understand their meaning.

Additional meanings for this card;

Keeping a moderate pace. Cooperation and blended ideas. Self restraint. Finding the balance between action and contemplation. Waiting for better timing.

Archangel Zadkiel helps you remember who you are in terms of your true spiritual heritage as a child of God. Call upon Zadkiel to increase your self-esteem and feelings of self-worth and deservedness. He’s known for being helpful to anyone who’s in a time of learning, especially students. When we find ourselves at important juncture in our lives, that he can help us remember where we’ve been before and accurately assess where we’d like to go next.

He’s an angel of healing who comes to West in the color of deep indigo blue.

B.) The Emperor; Archangel Michael:

Organization and logic. Structure and discipline. Leadership.

It’s important to cultivate logic, discipline, and order right now. This card signifies that although your dreams are valid and sound, they still need guidelines and organization so that they can manifest properly. Create a detailed plan for how you will proceed, and maintain kind but authoritative control over how you’ll proceed, and maintain kind but authoritative control over how that plan is implemented. By doing this, you will find it easier to bring your dreams to life in the way you intend.

The Emperor’s energy feels like a loving but strict father who only wishes to see you succeed and be happy. We also learn from the Emperor that we must consider the needs of others, and not just our own desires as we move through life.

Feel empowered to take a leadership role in your career and any projects you’re working on. Structure and order are your friends as you move from the preparation stage into the execution of your plans. Believe in your ability to be a positive and diplomatic leader. Get organized so that you can be more effective.

Additional meanings for this card:

That desire to be a success. Stability. Making wise choices. Security. Government agencies. Law enforcement. The respect of others. Fatherhood.

Archangel Michael is the angel of strength and protection who oversees everyone’s life purpose. Call upon Michael for courage and strength as you make important and necessary life changes. He can also help you focus your logical mind and left brain talents upon your projects.

C.) The World; Archangel Michael:

A job well done! Joy, contentment, and gratitude. The path toward enlightenment.

The angels sent you this card because you’ve happily completed something of great importance. They’re congratulating you on a job well done. You’re now ready to move on to something new. The world indicates moving to the next level in your personal life or career. There may be a promotion or new position that’s both challenging and promising in your future. It can also reflect moving to a new home or city. Enjoy your feelings of wholeness and completion, and give yourself a pat on the back for your amazing accomplishments!

You’ve grown spiritually and have evolved to a whole new level in your understanding of the Universe. You experienced significant enlightenment and have expanded your consciousness of how to attain joy and contentment. You feel a great sense of gratitude.

The number 21 is one of success in creativity. Remain on the path of optimism and positive thinking so that you can attain even more.

Additional meanings of this card:

Perfection. A move to the next level. Receiving an award. A new house or job. Complete clarity. Cosmic awareness. Recognition for the use of your talents. Freedom.

Archangel Michael oversees your Divine life purpose and he knows what roles your soul has been born to fulfill. Call upon Michael for guidance as to your next steps, and for courage, strength, and confidence to take them. His colors of royal blue, violet, and gold make us feel regal, and his arms open wide and acknowledgement of our accomplishments.

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