Angel Guidance Card Reading Results for 12/14


Here is your message from the Angels for December 14th. The Angels let you know what you need to hear most in your life right now! Much love and blessings! Enjoy!

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A. ) Page of Water…Intuitive, Sensitive, Artistic, Friendly:

A new person or emotions-rousing situation enters your life. It could be the start of a friendship or romance, or the renewal of one from your past. A current relationship may enter a new phase. It’s important to discuss your feelings with those around you. The Pages are often messengers, so this card can also indicate a love letter or any type of communication of emotion.

The Water suit is very Intuitive, so this Page may also indicate new psychic experiences or an increase in your natural gifts.

Water represents your feelings… something significant has (or soon will) enter your emotional life. Take time to go within and understand yourself. You are a kind and sensitive person…take this time to get to know yourself better.

This is also a time to let go and have fun, try to keep from being overly serious!

This is a very evolved energy that walks with the Divine and the Angels everyday. We can trust the feelings and psychic messages that we receive at this time. Keep your thoughts positive regarding your self and others…they will manifest in everyone’s best interest.

Additional meanings of this card:

A love letter. Imagination. Artistic endeavors. Important dreams.

B.) Renewal; Archangel Jeremiel:

Review and evaluate. A favorable assessment of the facts. Time to move in a new direction.

The Angels sent you this card because you’re either near the end of a project or at a crossroads, on on the threshold of making an important change. You’ve come a very long way and have seen amazing and wonderful things, but it’s time for you to move in a new direction. This card signifies that it’s time to do some evaluation…. to pause and review the past and your achievements so that you can decide where you want to go in the future. Make thoughtful judgments regarding your life, and then make confident choices. You may have big decisions to make, but this card can assure you that you’re ready for any endeavor you’ve been preparing for, both emotionally and spiritually.

Rest easy, knowing that you’ve prepared well and that God is helping you with every step you take. Your optimism for the future is completely warranted. Legal situations are resolved favorably for you. In addition, academic examinations and certification tests go well.

Just as God is infinitely loving and merciful, so should you be when reviewing your life.

Additional meanings of this card:

A landmark decision. A career or job change. Moving in a different direction. A new beginning.

Jeremiah is the Archangel who helps you evaluate your life so you can clearly decide upon appropriate changes. Spend some time alone with a pad of paper and pen, and call upon Jeremiah to help you review what needs to be transformed, healed, or released. His color is dark purple.

C.) Nine of Air:

Expecting the worst. Self fulfilling prophecies. Sleepless nights.

Have you ever heard of a self-fulfilling prophecy? It’s a situation where people focus so much on their fears that they eventually manifest into reality. The nine of air is a card sent to you by the angels when were in the process of manifesting an unhappy outcome that’s simply not necessary. You should think of this card as a kind and loving note from Heaven to change the way you are thinking. You need to find a way to concentrate on the results you’re hoping for rather than worrying that a bad outcome is on his way.

Positive thinking is essential right now. Your own obsessive, negative thoughts are the true culprit behind the troubles you fear. Release your guilt., and really realize that regret is a wasted emotion. Turn your attention to the amazing possibilities for the future, and leave the past behind.

Something magical is afoot! You just need to have Faith that anything is possible! Keep your thoughts positive, shine your light from within, just as were asked to do as children of God.

If you’re having a pleasant dreams at this time, write them in a journal, bless them for their desire to inform you, and then send them to the Angels. If depression is an issue, encourage those affected to seek professional counseling.


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