Angel Guidance Card Reading Giveaway 12-15

winter dove

The Angels have guided me to offer this today…

I will be choosing one lucky winner today to receive a Free Extensive Angel Reading
Please write a message in the comments to be eligible for the Reading!

Everyone else that writes a message/comments will receive Distance Reiki Healing Energy!

So everyone that participates will be WINNERS Today!!!

Much love and blessings during this Holiday Season! Enjoy!

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9 thoughts on “Angel Guidance Card Reading Giveaway 12-15

  1. I so badly need this guidance, im trying so hard to stay positive and in faith, but im having such anxiety about my situation. I would appreciate and love to win this if you are drawn to help me, thank you!

  2. Hello generous and beautiful light worker I would love to be blessed with a reading. so many changes coming for me great advice would be so appreciated. ♡☆♡ Many blessings back to you♡ ps I am thinking of studying real estate too. 🙂

  3. I have worked with Heidi before on a couple of different services that she offers. Everything she has done goes above and beyond what you would expect. I would love a reading! 🙂

  4. Thanks, definitely in need of healing energy. Just unpacked holiday tree & ornaments, making presents & find out we have a leak somewhere. Carpet is soaked & landlord just told me professional people coming to dry it out. May take days & have fans going all day for days. Have cats w special needs trying to decide how & where for them & how to lessen the stress for them. Roofers may come too before rain coming. All good but stressful & have to pack everything up & move furniture before morning. I will have to call in to work too. Thanks again for any energy to get through this.

  5. In the past week, the stones &/cards have been very close to what is happening or how I’m feeling. Hoping at least some of the “predictions” actually cone to fruition. Thank you for your guidance during this rough time – it’s greatly needed & appreciated!

  6. The cards and stones over the last week and a half gave been very close with what’s happening, how I’m feeling. Your guidance during this rough period is greatly needed and appreciated.

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