Angel Guidance Card Reading Results for 1/04


Here is your message from the Angels for January 4th. The Angels let you know what you need to hear most in your life right now! I have attached Reiki Distance healing to Everyone reading this!!! Much love, light and blessings during this New Year!

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A. ) Ten of Water:

A contented and rewarding family life. Your emotional and material needs are met. Trustworthy relationships.

The Ten of Water is a card of good fortune. It really does represent having it all. You will find great contentment in your life….just listen to yourself, your intuition, your heart. The Angels are around you, will guide you…just ask. You well find that your relationships are positive and affirming, and you have healthy and strong connections with your children by listening to the Angels.

Your relationships with your family and friends are genuine. Peace, joy, and unconditional love surround you.

This also shows that your family is growing and evolving spiritually as a group, with the love and protection of the Angels around you

Additional meanings of this card:

Happy marriages. Positive relationships with children. Security. Taking care of family members.

Angel number:

The angel number for this card is 46. Be aware of your spiritual self. You can be of service to your family and others in a selfless manner by teaching them that we’re all Divine children of God.

The number 46 reduces to a 1. All relationships will benefit from positive thoughts and a sense of faith. Negativity is likely to bring us challenges that we don’t want.

B.) Page of Fire, outgoing, creative, confident, mischievous

News of an exciting new endeavor. Use your originality and ingenuity.

The Page of Fire is a very exciting card to choose! New opportunities present themselves to you, and you may get some information about something wonderful that’s coming into your life. This is a highly creative card where your ability to think outside the box is extremely valuable. Your asked to follow your passions and to let them guide you to your life work. Without question, you are asked to use your own unique brand of magic to manifest your happiness. This card can also mean a promotion, career change, or any new and promising development in your professional life.

Take time with his new year to figure out what you want to manifest, what you truly desire. You can call it magic, or you can call it The Passion of following your dreams, but either way if you believe in yourself it paves the way to fulfillment.

There is a Phoenix bird in the picture on the card. A Phoenix is said to be reborn from its own ashes. The girl on the card is bringing forth just such a bird to show her intention to re-create her life. With the New Year this is exactly what you can do too!

The Angels guide you to wholeheartedly embrace this new endeavor. It may seem like a challenge, but it’s one you’re ready for. Dazzle people with your originality and ingenuity!

Additional meanings of this card:

Good news. A creative project. Believing in yourself.

Angel number:

It’s a very powerful number that reflects a direct connection to Ascended Masters and Spiritual leaders. In fact, 33 is a master number, which means that it doesn’t reduce down to 6, but remains 33. This master number is for those who want to serve human kind by doing good works in the world. The number is one of a teacher and leader who can help others see their purpose and inspire them to focus on others rather than themselves.

C.) The Empress, Archangel Gabriel:

Lavish abundance. Give birth to your dreams. Nurture yourself and others.

When the Empress card is drawn, it’s time to stop pondering your fate and get busy! It’s time of amazing prosperity, and you can be reassured that you will be very successful at anything you put your mind to. The Empress is a sure sign of the ability to manifest your dreams!

Maternal issues are also within the Empress’s domain, so nurturing yourself or those around you is something this card is very concerned with. However you need to remember that “giving birth” can be a metaphor for beginning a beloved project or a new phase in your life. Your baby might be a business you just opened or a book you’re in the process of writing.

And while you’re nurturing those around you it’s also just fine to do something luxurious for yourself. You may spend time in nature, buy yourself a beautiful piece of jewelry, or seek out a healing experience such an energy healing (reiki) or a massage.

It’s time to take action and to harness your self-confidence in order to create wonderful things. Many see the Empress as the embodiment of Mother Nature, full of abundance in creativity. From her, you’ll learn that you’re able to do many amazing things at once, if you’re committed and dedicated to your dreams… which is incredibly exciting!

The Empress’s optimism is contagious, and suddenly you’re raring to go there’s no more holding you back.

Your creativity and hard work are bringing you great rewards, according to this card. You have the Midas touch right now, so anything you nurture and give your loving attention to will flourish. Marriage, children, and issues involving motherhood and creativity are positively affected now whether you’re trying to give birth to a child, nurture life into plants or pets, or healthy new project or business to grow, you are creative endeavors will be successful.

Enjoy the beautiful things in life, knowing that you deserve to be wonderfully provided for.

Additional Meaning:

Abundance. Spending time in nature. Indulging in creative and artistic projects. Love mean and their train yourself for others. A time of excellent emotional or physical health.

Archangel Gabriel is the messenger angel who guides and supports expecting an adoptive parents as well as those involved in newborn creative projects. Call upon grab your all to inspire your creative ideas and give you courage and the opportunities to express them. Her name means the strength of God, and she’s often portrayed carrying in a great trumpet to awaken those who slumber in to call them to action. She is known for appearing in copper colors.

Angel Number:

The Empress card number 3 is very much like in an Ascended Master, taking the wisdom she’s garnered in her life in creating great things with it. You can choose to work with Ascended Master masters such as Jesus, Buddha, and Mother Mary. The number 3 is also connected to creativity, innovation, and communication.


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