Angel Guidance Card Reading Results for 01/05


Here is your message from the Angels for January 5th. The Angels let you know what you need to hear most in your life right now! I have a attached Reiki Distance healing to Everyone reading this!!! Much love, light and blessings during this New Year!

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A. ) The World/Archangel Michael:

A job well done! Enjoy, contentment, and gratitude. The path toward enlightenment.

The World indicates moving to the next level in your personal life or career. There may be a promotion or a new position that’s both challenging and promising and are your future. It can reflect moving to a new home or city.

The Angels sent you this card because you happily completed something of great importance. They’re congratulating you on a job well done. You’re now ready to move on to something new. Enjoy your feelings of wholeness and completion, and give yourself a pat on the back for your amazing accomplishments!

This card is also one of enlightenment. You followed your own evolution, and you have complete clarity, which provides you with an understanding of where you want to go next. Just listen to your heart, your soul, your intuition. You’ve grown spiritually and have evolved to a whole new level in your understanding of the Universe. You experience significant enlightenment and have expanded your consciousness of how to attain joy and contentment. You feel a great sense of gratitude.

In the picture on The World card, above Michael’s head and at his feet is the infinity sign, representing eternal life. You may have accomplished your task, but there will always be far more for you to create!

Additional meanings of this card:

Perfection. I move to the next level. Receiving an award. A new house or job. Complete clarity. Cosmic awareness. Recognition for the use of your talents. Freedom.

Angel number:

The number 21 is one of success and creativity. The Angels revel in the path that you followed to this point, and you may even feel an energetic pat on the back. Now you’re asked to remain on the path of optimism and positive thinking so that you can attain even more.

Archangel Michael, is the protector of planet Earth. His aura colors are blue-violet and gold. Archangel Michael oversees your Divine life purpose, and he knows what roles your soul has been born to fulfill. Call upon Michael for guidance as to your next steps, and for the courage, strength, and confidence to take them. Michael will definitely help assist you, all you have to do is ask him.

B.) Ace of Earth:

The inflow of abundance. A promising business manager. Important documents or contracts.

The Ace of Earth is an extremely positive card. It promises an inflow of abundance from the Universe that’s often quite unexpected. While we tend to think of the word abundance as referring to financial prosperity, that’s not always the case with this card. Your gift from Heaven may come in the form of money, or it can show up in your life as desperately needed assistance from others, a brilliant idea, or a person who can make introductions for you that lead to success.

Significant abundance flows to you now. You may get a promotion, salary increase, or unexpected money. If you’re starting a new business, the venture will likely succeed. The foundation for prosperity has been well laid.

It’s also a good time to make an investment. Consider any opportunities carefully. You may soon see some important legal documents, contracts, or correspondence.

In the picture on the Ace of Earth card the fairy is memerized by the gift she has received. Her ability to be so focused on her task is part of what makes her so successful. Stay focused on your task, even just taking baby steps forward will keep you moving in the right direction. If you do this you can be assured that your efforts will be rewarded.

Additional Meanings on this Card:

Receipt of a gift. Improving health. Earning a degree. Significant purchases. Excellent luck.

Angel Number:

The Ace of Earth is card number 65, which guides you to make changes in the way you relate to money. These changes will bring you joy and abundance.

The number 65 reduces to 11, which doesn’t reduce any further since 11 is a master number. The energy of 11 is one of powerful Manifestation, as well as spiritual concern for growth and the welfare of others.

C.) Page of Fire: outgoing, creative, confident, mischievous

News of an exciting new endeavor. Use your originality and ingenuity.

The Page of Fire is a very exciting card to choose! New opportunities present themselves to you, and you may get some information about something wonderful that’s coming into your life. This is a highly creative card where your ability to think outside the box is extremely valuable. Your asked to follow your passions and to let them guide you to your life work. Without question, you are asked to use your own unique brand of magic to manifest your happiness. This card can also mean a promotion, career change, or any new and promising development in your professional life.

Take time with his new year to figure out what you want to manifest, what you truly desire. You can call it magic, or you can call it The Passion of following your dreams, but either way if you believe in yourself it paves the way to fulfillment.

There is a Phoenix bird in the picture on the card. A Phoenix is said to be reborn from its own ashes. The girl on the card is bringing forth just such a bird to show her intention to re-create her life. With the New Year this is exactly what you can do too!

The Angels guide you to wholeheartedly embrace this new endeavor. It may seem like a challenge, but it’s one you’re ready for. Dazzle people with your originality and ingenuity!

Additional meanings of this card:

Good news. A creative project. Believing in yourself.

Angel number:

It’s a very powerful number that reflects a direct connection to Ascended Masters and Spiritual leaders. In fact, 33 is a master number, which means that it doesn’t reduce down to 6, but remains 33. This master number is for those who want to serve human kind by doing good works in the world. The number is one of a teacher and leader who can help others see their purpose and inspire them to focus on others rather than themselves.

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