Raising Your Vibration: Day 2

Welcome to Day 2! In Day 1’s post I mentioned “We are the only ones that have the power to control our energies”, this is true, but many of us tend to blame other people for our lives. We blame our parents, how and where we grew up, we blame our schools, our friends, our ex’s, society, our country and even our enemies. I even know someone who blames objects for how events happen in their life.

You are not a Victim! You have the choice to be one or not!

We alone have the POWER, no one else can change our lives for us. It’s just like ‘Glenda the Good Witch’ in the Wizard of Oz “You’ve always had the POWER my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself”.
We need to learn to be responsible for how we feel, our own personal vibration. As adults, we have the ability to really make positive changes in our lives. It’s our choices, our actions, that affect how we feel. Blaming others for how we feel, feeling out of control is a low vibration. If you don’t take responsibility for your life, how you feel, taking the steps to follow your life’s path, who will???

Love yourself enough to start making small changes, baby steps towards a life you will love…..one that is full of joy and happiness….and a high vibration! These do not have to be big changes at once…but adding them up they bring huge changes in your life…over time. Just start being aware of how you feel, what you think your personal vibration is. If you find yourself saying something negative, you can cancel it out…send love to it, especially if it’s negative toward yourself. Also, if you have been in victim-mode for a long time, it will take a while to change…this doesn’t happen overnight. It’s lots of small steps…and sometimes those steps go backwards. Just acknowledge it and continue to move forward when you can.

The one thing not to do is beat yourself up if you slide. Our society does this enough. Love yourself enough to recognize that you are human and to move forward when you can.

approve of yourself

Simple Ideas of small changes….

*Noticing the beauty of nature around you. Feel the love of Mother Earth….the simple things, the sunrises, sunsets, the trees budding, the birds singing, and walking barefoot in new green grass!
(If you can’t get outside because of weather…**Visualize it…Daydream about it! Really go to it in your mind and create the scene…feel it in your body…just as if you were there!)
*Daydreaming….this is something as kids we were reprimanded for, when in reality, this is how we create our lives, our dreams….so give yourself permission as an adult…let your mind go…let it flow to all the things you love and have fun!!!
*Laughing….even if you go to a park to see kids playing and laughing….watch You Tube videos of babies laughing…enjoy them!

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