Archangel Guidance Card Reading Results for 01/13


Here is your message from the Archangels for January 13th. The Angels let you know what you need to hear most in your life right now! I have a attached Reiki Distance healing to Everyone reading this!!! Much love, light and blessings during this New Year!

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A. ) Renewal- Archangel Jeremiel:

Review and evaluate. A favorable assessment of the facts. Time to move in a new direction.

The Angels sent you this card because you’re either near the end of a project or at a crossroads, on the threshold of making an important change. Renewal indicates that you’re close to completing an important task. This card asks you to pause and review the past in your achievement so that you can decide where you want to go in the future. This can include career changes you’ve been pondering, so we you must take the time to think through your options very carefully. Make thoughtful judgments regarding your life, and then make confident choices.

Rest assured, knowing that you have been very well prepared. You may have big decisions to make, but this card shows you that you’re ready for any endeavor you’ve been preparing for. School exams, legal proceedings, or certification tests will go well for you.

Renewal also indicates that you’ve come a very long way and have seen amazing and wonderful things. However it’s now time to pause and review your past so that you can understand where you are and where you want to be. Renewal beckons you to move in a new direction. You may feel that you’re at a crossroads, and feel optimistic about any endings that may be near. You have big decisions to make, and you’re ready to make them… Both emotionally and spiritually.

You hear a calling. You can feel that it’s your destiny to continue to do great things… And the possibilities are endless!

Archangel Jeremiel stands in turbulent waters in the picture, this represents the challenging experiences that you’ve had as you travel along your journey. In the here and now though, the water that the family is standing on is completely calm, showing the peace your efforts have manifested.

The man is the conscious, the woman is the subconscious, and the child represents higher consciousness. Together they symbolize a healthy balance of your inner and outer worlds.

Archangel Jeremiel holds a staff with a light on top that’s the color of our crown chakra, showing that you’ve developed self-knowledge and spiritual awareness.

Angel number:

The number 20 signifies great compassion, caring, and affection. This is a number of service to others and to the world. The renewal card indicates that you’ve come to a place of evolution and spiritual growth that matches the number 20 in resonance in energy. With this number, you can know that God is helping you with every step you take. Your optimism for the future is completely warranted.

Additional meanings of this card:

A landmark decision. A career or job change. Moving in a different direction. A new beginning.

Archangel Jeremiel is the angel who helps you evaluate your life so that you can understand the changes you wish to make in the future. His name means “mercy of God”, and his color is dark purple. Just as God is infinitely loving and merciful, so should we be when reviewing our own lives. Spend some time alone with a pad of paper and pen, and call upon Jeremiel to help you review what needs to be transformed, healed, or released.


B.) Renewal; Archangel Uriel:

This card indicates that it’s a wonderful time for you! Grand epiphanies are possible with The Sun. You’re succeeding in ways you never dreamed possible. Incredible ideas with infinite opportunities enter your consciousness where you can act upon them. Listen to them and take action. These could be little tiny thoughts, your intuition, your soul talking to you, pay attention and listen. The endeavors that you begin now are blessed with abundance and success. This card also reflects someone whose self-confidence either has grown or is on the rise.

Keep your thoughts positive and everything will turn out beautifully… with your positive thoughts there’s no way that you won’t be successful. This is also the time of brilliant new ideas and solutions. Have confidence in yourself!

This card also represents a return to vibrant physical and emotional health.

With the Sun, you can expect to experience the true joy of life and all the wonderful things it has to offer. As a result, you may receive public recognition for your teaching or accomplishments. The work you’ve done personally and spiritually brings astonishing changes to your life. It shows that you’ve evolved, you’ve grown, and you created the world you wanted! You’re on the right path for your own enlightenment.

In the picture on the card Archangel Uriel is backlit by the Sun rising in a new dawn, a joyful new morning that reflects the direction of your life, where you were headed. Butterflies are also on the card. They are the symbol of evolution and growth, and they swirl around Archangel Uriel, proving that you’ve come a long way on your journey.

Angel number;

The number 19 is the last of the karmic numbers. It’s where we come to successful endings and therefore create new beginnings for ourselves. Finally, everything becomes crystal clear with this number. We discover that we do know our life purpose and that it’s time to act upon it. We come to believe in ourselves so that we can move forward with confidence and hope for a beautiful future.

Archangel Uriel whose name means ‘light of God’, herald’s the great epiphanies that have brought us to this place of enlightenment and joy. Uriel has the ability to not only bring us great insights, but also bless us with emotional healing. His beautiful wings and halo reflect his golden-yellow color

C.) Ego- Archangel Jophiel:

A false sense of entrapment. Being overly focused on material things. Negative or fear based thoughts.

The Ego card reflects situations, usually of our own making, that we feel trapped. It seems as though your path has become completely hidden, and it feels like there’s no way forward. The Angels want you to know that this is an illusion. A lot of what you are feeling is stemming from anxieties that aren’t based in reality. So give your fears over to God and the Angels, and ask for their help in adopting a more positive perspective on your situation. You aren’t really as stuck as you think you are, and freedom comes with a change of your thoughts from pessimism to optimism.

This also could be an indicator that you may not have a clear view of yourself or your motives. You may be confused by what feels like limitations that you can’t get past, but in reality, these confinements are your own creations. What makes this card so powerful and helpful is that once you realize that your entrapments are self-made, you can then see that you also t have the power to free yourself.

When you allow your ego to take over, you often find yourself making choices that are based on fear or negative thinking. This tender is your progress and can create self-fulfilling prophecies that you’d be better off without. It’s also a reminder that your focus on daily life and your acquisition of things may not be what really matters now. Perhaps it’s time to review your priorities!

This card also refers to someone who is too focused on material or worldly things. Heaven  acknowledges that you, like everyone, have physical needs . However, your attention to the accumulation of possessions is out of balance. This might indicate excessive debt. It can also signify those who aren’t taking responsibility for their actions or choices. Reassess why you want to acquire these items. Perhaps you’re trying to fill an emotional void, which material objects could never do. What you’re really craving is inner peace through a spiritual path.

Angel number:

The number 15 can be very fortuitous, drawing in prosperity and abundance. However, it can also be a number that’s very sensitive to criticism. Harsh words from others can create a negative self perception that can be difficult to escape. Of course, anyone can change, since we all have free will. Staying positive and taking the steps necessary to improve your life can help you get free and clear of the Ego card.

Archangel Jophiel’s name means ‘beauty of God’. When your thoughts are falling into negativity or pessimism, she can help you rise above it to regain your optimism and see your way clear to freedom. When you’ve lost your way, Jophiel will remind you just how beautiful life can be.

Her color is a dark pink, and her presence is often associated with the scent of roses.


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Much Love, Light, Joy and Many Blessings during this Holiday Season! Enjoy!

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