Angelic Guidance Results for January 25-26


(Sorry for the delay…life happens!) Here is your message from the Angels for January 25-26. The Angels let you know what you need to hear most in your life right now! I have a attached Reiki Distance healing to Everyone reading this!!! Much love, light and blessings!

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A. ) The Magician…Archangel Raziel:

You are ready! You have the resources or the ability to manifest them. Life is magical.

When this card is drawn, you can be assured that you really do have what you need to move forward. You have the gifts and talents in this moment to be all that you want to be. The perception that you’re lacking some key element or additional knowledge in order to be successful simply isn’t true. What we need what you need either is here right now or will magically appear soon.

This is the right time to begin new projects! If you had any doubts about your ability to manifest your dreams, leave them behind. In fact, the more self-confidence you have, the more success you experience! Fortunately, the angels can boost your inner strength if you will call upon them for help.

The magician doesn’t guarantee that you’re completely aware of what you want to accomplish, only that you can do just about anything you choose. Spiritually or subconsciously, you may be looking for someone impartial to help you understand your purpose. If you’re already clear about your past, then this card demands no more procrastination. Magical things will happen, but you must first take the steps.

Your life experiences have trained you for this moment, and the opportunities available to you at this time are magical. It’s not necessary to take any more classes or read any more books, which would only delay you from walking through the door is presently open for you. Take focused action with respect to any plans you may have been preparing for. With the wise counsel of the magician, you will come to realize that you have the ability to use the elements of this world to create the life you want. The magician teaches you that you’re far more capable than you realize, and that you’re born with the ability to use the elements of this world to create the life you want. He teaches you that you’re far more capable than you realize, and you’re born with the ability to accomplish great deeds. It doesn’t matter whether you have everything planned out or not. The main point is that you believe in yourself and your God-given right to make the most of whatever you choose to do with your life.

In the photo the Magician represents the concept of as above, so below, and indeed, brings down the energy of heaven to earth. He has the ability to manifest his dreams through his positive thoughts. Above the Magician’s head floats the infinity sign, which is the number eight lying on its side… Another piece of evidence that your ability to manifest is eternal and unending.

Additional meanings of this card:

No more procrastination! Magical occurrences. Concentrated effort. Unexpected resources.

Angel number:

This is card number 1… A very powerful and creative number from which all beginnings spring forth. The energy of this number allows us to take action and achieve our independence, but we must be conscious of our thoughts in order to manifest the lives we want rather than those based on our fears.

Archangel Raziel is an amazing wizard who sits at the throne of God and keeps a magical book of universal wisdom. His name means “the secrets of God” and he shows up in a rainbow of colors, as is represented by his halo and the magical energy he uses to fulfill his life purpose. He has the ability to take knowledge and transform it into reality. While his name implies secrets, he’s very happy to share all he knows to help us have magical lives. He is a perfect magician for this card since he is the angel of spiritual secrets and mysteries who will open doors of opportunities for you. You’ll also speed along the pathway of manifestation so that you’ll enjoy success more quickly and seems logically possible.

B.) Six of Earth:

Gifts of money, time, or effort. New career opportunities. Receiving a loan or paying off debts.

Abundance is on the way! Whoo hoo!!! The Universe loves a grateful heart and rewards gratitude with more abundance! You are the recipient of this bounty, or you may be the giver. This may be monetary or it may take some other form, such as opportunities, invites, and so forth. Prosperity enters your life in the forms of gifts or increases in salary do to your outstanding work. New career opportunities present themselves involving those who can be relied upon to be fair and responsible. Promotions, bonuses, and financial rewards are all possible at this time. The power of positive thinking has brought you to a new time of abundance. This card can also reflect paying off debts, the repayment of favors, or the elimination of other obligations.

The Six of Earth is a card of gratitude and charity. By giving thanks to the Universe for what you have, more is provided to you. You’re called upon to give your time, energy, or financial gift to those who are less fortunate.

In the picture, the fairy’s hard work has paid off and has brought him to a place of prosperity. The scales are currently off-balance, reflecting a society where not everyone has all that they need. The fairy who has found that abundance in his life works to restore balance by enabling him to give those in need.

Angel Number:

This is card 70, which signifies good work that has flourished, and also those who are on the right path. This number 70 reduces to a 7, which merely intensifies the messages of success.

Additional meetings on this card:

Profit sharing. Receiving a loan. The paint off of debts. Celebration of a job well done.

C.) Ten of Earth:

A very happy family life. Financial security. Finding magic in the little things in life.

The Ten of Earth is a card of abundance, financial security, and joyful contentment. There is a strong concern for family; however, the focus is more on aspects such as family lineage, knowing that the children’s futures are financially secure, and material comforts. Home and hearth are very important. The Ten of Earth is one of the cards where everything just feels right, and you’ve earned the right to be very proud of yourself.

You’ve established a lasting foundation of success in business. With this success comes feelings of freedom. Material comforts, satisfaction in your accomplishments, and the capacity to enjoy yourself are now (or soon will be) yours. Still, it’s important to appreciate the little things in life.

Your family life is strong, secure, and peaceful. This may include your blood relatives, a chosen family, or a community of people to whom you strongly we late you draw great comfort from those around you and know that you’ve been extremely blessed.

In the picture, a beautiful family has gathered. Everyone is smiling, and there’s a sense of contentment. The children are happily playing with golden coins, which represents that their futures are financially secure. It can also indicate an inheritance. The family is of nontraditional nature to symbolize that the word ‘family’ means many different things to different people. Fireflies represent the magic in life… and with me 10 of Earth, life is magical!

Angel number:

This is card 74: it tells us that our lives are right on track and that the dreams we have chosen to manifest are coming true. We’re reminded to express gratitude to the Angels for all their assistance. The number 74 reduces to 11 which is a master number and does not reduce further. This magical number tells us that we’ve used our ability to manifest to create deeply moving experiences.

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Much Love, Light, Joy and Many Blessings during this Winter Season! Enjoy!

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