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A. ) Page of Air:

Logical, honest, impulsive, curious

Challenging information. Delays or changes to plans. Truth delivered without tact.

When you draw the Page card it often means messages or messengers. This information that comes to you can be very useful, or it may be informing you of temporary delays or changes to your plans. The message you receive may not be delivered with the soft energy you prefer: however, that doesn’t mean it’s not very useful information to have. The message may come from someone who speaks bluntly and without thoughtfulness, but don’t take it personally. Frankly, it is often quite brilliant! The thing to remember about this card is to separate the message from the messenger.

In the picture the beautiful Page is ready for the task of hand, with many friends as backups. This card asks you to be prepared to act on the information that you received. She carries a sword, which symbolizes truth and justice: however, it’s important to note that the sword is double edged. The truth can be cutting if not delivered in a kind way.
The ball of golden light shows that this page is not without her own kind of magic. She can conjure up a solution or brilliant new ideas in the blink of an eye. This indicates that you may have to use original ideas or think fast on your feet. The symbolism of wolves is very rich: however, the two things you need to remember are that they’re very intelligent and their hearing is very keen. So listen carefully to the information you receive. Lions symbolize courage, power, and strength. You must have confidence in your actions and act with integrity. Unicorns are creatures of great purity in of intention. Winged ones show you that you can attain great heights by standing true to your principles.

Angel Number:

The Page of Air is card 61. She knows that her thoughts create her reality and that worry is wasted emotion. Your focus is only on what she wishes to manifest, rather than on what she fears.

Additional meanings of this card:

A new challenge. A contract or agreement. Constructive criticism. Legal matters. Gossip.

B.) Knight of Water:

Emotional, romantic, enthusiastic, contemplative

Falling in love or wedding proposals. The need to balance emotions. An invitation to a social event.

When the Knight of Water card is drawn, deep emotions arise from situations or relationships that impact your life. Falling in love, or a wedding proposal, for any romantic experiences that cause you to swoon. is possible. You (or someone close to you) need to balance your emotions, lest you become overwhelmed. You could completely get swept off your feet! You may be thrown quite off balance by the entire situation and forget to remain grounded.

This card also means that you may receive invitations to parties or other social events or opportunities.

In the picture, a handsome merman Knight comes galloping into your life. He’s making some pretty big waves as he arrives. His companion is a dolphin, indicating that he’s here to bring a note of playfulness. He and the dolphin jump from the water, showing our Knights ability to move from one emotional situation to another. The Knight wears a winged helmet, signifying that he can move very quickly into your life. The cup in the foreground, is completely submerged, this may indicate that you may be in over your head.

Angel number:

The Knight of Water is card 48. You’re reminded that your Angels are with you and answering your prayers as long as you remember to ask for their assistance. Since 8 is a number of expansion, you can anticipate an abundance of emotion during this time. The number reduces to a 3. You also have the choice to ask the Ascended Masters for their help as well ( these include Jesus, Buddha, Mother Mary, plus many others. The number 3 is traditionally related to communication, which is very important when dealing with a night of water.

C.) The High Priestess Archangel Haniel:

Listen to your intuition. Have patience. Consider carefully what you want before acting.

You drew this card because the answers you seek lie in your feelings and emotions. The High Priestess is a card of meditation and inner reflection….a great one for Winter and the New Year! It invites you to be quiet by going within in order to get a clear understanding of yourself and your desires. The clarity you gain assures you that once you do move into motion, you’re headed in the right direction. Consider the High Priestess card as a permission slip to take some time to reflect upon what the Angels have to say. Trust your intuition and the power of your natural psychic abilities! Also, pay attention to your dreams and any into the messages you receive, is there accurately guiding you.

There’s no need to race into action right now period, however: instead, take time to gain more insight, since things may not be as they appear on the surface. Withdraw from the noise of daily life and ask for guidance from your angels and guides. Everything you need to know will be revealed to you in time: just have patience with yourself and with others. The answers you seek will come at the perfect moment. Meanwhile, sometimes our answers come faster bookkeeping are pondering to ourselves. This card may be telling you that some secrets are best left on shared.

There is no need to race into action right now, however: instead, take time to gain more insight, since things may not be as they appear on the surface. Withdraw from the noise of daily life and ask for guidance from your angels and guides. Everything you need to know will be revealed to you in time: just have patience.

The High Priestess is beautiful, wise, and a bit mysterious. She has explored her inner world in great detail and is highly skilled at understanding the spiritual voices of the angels. Under her guidance, we study meditation and learn to go within to find the answers to any questions that beckon us. We discover something about who we are, and the Divine life purpose we were born to live.

When the High Priestess feels that were ready, she will send us on our way. We can’t stay in a meditative and contemplative state forever if we are to create the lives we wish to live. Balance is a part of the path to peace.

In the card’s picture we see Mother Moon. All the emotional mysteries of what we might create our represented by the moon. It’s light shines as a reflection of the light that is within us. Archangel Haniel is known for her association with the moon, since the moon is also tied to feminine issues.

The High Priestess is card number 2. This number asks us to think positively. All will turn out well as long as we don’t worry or show a lack of faith. And much like the two pillars behind the High Priestess, this number speaks of the duality of energies such as light and dark, male and female etc. It’s also a number that seeks out peace in spirituality.

Additional meetings for this card:

Silence is golden. Study spiritual topics. Keep your dreams and desires to yourself. Learn from emotional situations.

Archangel Haniel is the goddess-like angel of grace and family in spirituality (such as intuition and clairvoyance). Like a true high Priestess, Haniel will act as your spiritual teacher and advisor to aid you in discerning which feelings and ideas to follow as trustworthy guidance, she is a perfect guide in your quest for inner guidance. Call upon Haniel to increase your clarity and connecting with the angels. Her halo is pale blue.

B.) Balance: Archangel Zadkiel:

The need for balance and moderation. Cooperation and compromise. Wait for perfect timing.

Balance refers to a time of cooperation with others, you may be asked to compromise your plans just a bit so that everyone can be successful. The blending of ideas is sure to bring about greater success.

This card also asks for patience; if things aren’t working the way you’re hoping, it may just be an issue of timing. When you contemplate major changes in your life, this card asks you to take it slow and easy and to think things through carefully. The Angels are cautioning you against making impulsive decisions or moves right now. Instead, take the path of moderation and balance in this situation. You’ll experience better results by reevaluating your current circumstances and changing your approach. If you acted impulsively in the past, you can heal and rectify things. And if you are considering making dramatic life changes, then this card asks you to approach those changes slowly and methodically.

This card encourages you to work cooperatively with others, and to see things from their point of view. Compassion and kindness are keys to successfully manifesting your dreams. Forgiveness also brings healing, which is allows for new beginnings.

You have the opportunity to rise to a higher consciousness and are moving forward down the path to enlightenment. However, that path is more of a stroll than a race..

Life is a constant mixing and balancing of experiences that affect your future. You never stop learning, but you may have to repeat certain types of events in your life if you forget to pause and understand their meaning.

In the cards picture Archangel Zadkiel holds two goblets from which he pours water back and forth. He is eternally blending the knowledge gained from his experiences. He also has one foot on earth and the other in water. Earth represents outer perceptions, while the water symbolizes our inner wisdom. This card shows that these two worlds are coming together in order to create something amazing.

Angel number:

The number 14 is another karmic number. It is one of balance and peaceful coexistence with others. It can also be a bit restless, and therefore you need to evaluate choices carefully. It has a very positive connection with Angels that helps it keep that hopeful viewpoint that’s also indicated by the Balance card’s optimistic outlook.

Archangel Zadkiel’s name means “the righteousness of God.” He’s known for being helpful to anyone who is in a time of learning, (especially students). When we find ourselves in an important juncture in our lives, Zadkiel can help you remember where you’ve been before and accurately assess where you like to go next. He’s an archangel of healing who comes to us in the color of deep indigo blue. He helps you remember who you are in terms of your true spiritual heritage as a child of God. Call upon Zadkiel to increase your self-esteem and feelings of self-worth and deserve it enough.

Additional meanings of this card:

Keeping a moderate pace. Cooperation and blended ideas. Self-restraint. Finding the balance between action and contemplation. Waiting for better timing.


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