Angelic Guidance Results for February 8th


Here is your message from the Angels for February 8th. The Angels let you know what you need to hear most in your life right now! I have a attached Reiki Distance healing to Everyone reading this!!! Much love, light and blessings!

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A. ) Six of Fire:

Victory! Good news is on its way. Public recognition or awards.

The Six of fire has a nickname of the Victory Card! Information is on your way that will make you extremely happy! You may win an award, get a promotion, or perhaps that book contract you been hoping for will finally make its way to your door. Bravo! This is a time of great achievement and success. People think very highly of you, and your reputation is excellent. You make good decisions and work hard.

There may be some sort of public acknowledgement of your contributions, or you may be given an award for your achievements. It may be time to do some self promotion or marketing with the media.

In the picture a victorious man rides into town to a great fanfare! His quest has been very successful. Red rose petals are tossed into the air to lead his way into the village. These flowers are signs of passion and love. Our hero followed his passion, and he receives great admiration from the villagers due to the example he’s set. White horses are generally associated with heroes who display a purity of intention: they imply victory or an impending success. There’s also a connection to Spiritual Development and intuitive abilities. A dragon banner, flies in the background. Flags with dragons on them are associated with King Arthur and his honorable reign, which brought peace and prosperity to Camelot. The two women in the image are meant to bring a little feminine energy into the card for balance.

Angel number:

This is card number 28. The energy of this card is extremely positive and successful. The 2 influence provides the positive thoughts that manifest into joy for the person who drew this card. This same energy has brought in the effects of the 8 to bring prosperity and abundance for our Knights reward. The number 28 reduces to a 1. The number 1 not only represents manifesting our desires, but also new beginnings. Now that the Knight has attained his desires he can turn his attention to his next big success!

B.) Unity- Archangel Sandalphon:

Traditional viewpoints or methods. Spiritual organizations. Seek out mentors and like-minded friends.

When this card shows up, you may find yourself being called upon to take the traditional route to do things the tried and true methodologies. Or you may be asked to buck tradition by thinking outside the box and doing things your own way. The way to know which message is being presented by Unity is listening to your intuition, what’s in your heart, what feels best to you as the right path.

You’ll find that working in groups enrich your life right now. It’s time for you to expand your circle of friends or join a group. Unity card also ask you to spend time with like-minded individuals who can help develop your spiritual gifts. This is an optimal time to make friends with supportive new people who have integrity and a strong moral compass. You may feel called upon to join spiritual institutions or schools where you can grow along with others who feel the same way you do.

It’s also time to question and review any rules, restrictions, or limited beliefs that have been placed around your current situation (coming by you or by others). These constraints should be cast off in favor of new guidelines that leads you forward on the path you wish to follow. This can lift any previous blocks to the manifestation of your goals.

Archangel Sandalphon is the archangel who delivers prayers from earth to heaven. He carries our desires to a loving and benevolent Universe. Sandalphon also helps those who are seeking to enrich their inner world, and helps them find others who are also searching. Call upon him to increase your faith and your commitment to your desires and goals. His aura is a beautiful turquoise.

Angel number:

The Unity card is number 5. If you were going to limit the meaning of this card to one word, it would be change! It’s all about freedom of ideas and endless curiosity… Someone eager to see what’s next in life. The number also likes the company of others very much, as it can learn so much about the positive changes they might create for themselves.

C.) Seven of Air
Plans that need revision. More going on than meets the eye. Poor timing.

The Seven of Air reveals a message of kindness from Heaven. Your Angels want you to know that your current path is probably not the one you’re meant to be on. You may be unaware of your situation or oblivious to the actions of others. Stop what you’re doing and thoroughly examine the truth of the situation. If possible that your course of action has significant omissions or maybe based on incorrect assumptions. Review your plans with an objective eye or consult an expert to help identify necessary adjustments.

Exercise caution with the details, and avoid carelessness. Review the timeline of your actions. It may be too soon to move forward, or is possible you’re procrastinating and missing perfect timing. Consider that someone involve may have a hidden agenda.

Your lack of focus on your own needs and your life purpose creates a sense of limbo where you don’t get where you want to go.

In the picture five Unicorn spin on a merry-go-round. They ride without any ability to determine their destination. 5 is a number of change. The only way to break the cycle of the merry-go-round is to change your circumstances. The merry-go-round operates in a counter-clockwise motion. This is opposed to the idea of time marching forward… that is, being able to move ahead with your life. In the rear of the card, you can see two of the unicorns have broken free. They no longer have saddles on their backs, indicating they are now masters of their own path.

Angel number:

Seven of Air is number 57. This card has the 5 energy of change combined with the 7 energy of being on the right path. The Seven of Air has initiated a change in direction that will bring you to a more fulfilling and happy life. The number 57 reduces to a 3. The 3 further facilitates your ability to walk away from a life that isn’t working out for your Divine Life Purpose, you can ask for help from the Ascended Masters, many of whom also made such life changing choices during their time on the earth.

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Much Love, Light, Joy and Many Blessings during this Winter Season! Enjoy!

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