Angelic Guidance Results for February 11th/12th


Here is your message from the Angels for February 11th/12th. The Angels let you know what you need to hear most in your life right now! I have a attached Reiki Distance healing to Everyone reading this!!! Much love, light and blessings!

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A. ) Page of Fire:

News of an exciting new endeavor. Use your originality and ingenuity.

The Page of Fire is a very exciting card to choose! New opportunities present themselves to you, and you may get some information about something wonderful that’s coming into your life. This is a highly creative card where your ability to ‘think outside the box’ is extremely valuable. You’re asked to follow your passions and to let them guide you to your life work. Without question, you’re asked to use your own unique brand of magic to manifest your happiness.

This card can also mean a promotion, career change, or any new and promising development in your professional life. An exciting new opportunity comes your way! The Angels guide you to wholeheartedly embrace this new endeavor. It may seem like a challenge, but it’s one you’re ready for. Dazzle people with your originality and ingenuity!

You or someone connected to this new opportunity is out going, creative, and passionate about life. Someone who is enthusiastic and seeks out new experiences and to make things happen. Optimistic. Confident. Courageous. Exhilarating. Busy. Mischievous. This person is either yourself, or someone who can help enhance your life and help create these opportunities for you.

In the picture is a beautiful young woman in the process of manifesting what she desires. You can call it magic, or you can call it the passion of following your dreams. Either way, it’s her belief in herself that paved the way to fulfillment. The young woman’s friend is a magical dragon with gemstones in its wings. Gemstones are precious and glittered with many colors of light, much like the unique and invaluable dream of every individual. A Phoenix is a bird that is said to be reborn from its own ashes. The girl on the card is bringing forth just such a bird to show her intention to recreate her life. A beautiful white city shines behind the girl and the dragon. White is the color of purity of intention, and a city represents humankind’s ability to manifest. It also reflects a possible home full of like-minded people for our young lady and her dragon friend.

Additional meanings of this card:

Good news. A creative project. Believing in yourself.

Angel number:

This is card number 33, a very powerful number that reflects a direct connection to Ascended Masters and Spiritual Leaders. In fact, 33 is a master number, which means that it doesn’t reduce down to 6, but remains 33. This master number is for those who want to serve human kind by doing good works in the world. The number is one of a teacher and leader who can help others see their purpose and inspire them to focus on others rather than themselves.

B.) Ace of Fire:

An exciting new opportunity! Career advancement. Change your life now!

When the Ace of Fire card is drawn, you have amazing opportunities to change your life. Aces represent a beginning, and fire represents passion. It all indicates new opportunities exist in the areas of creativity, career, what you are passionate about, and self-development.

An exciting new opportunity shows up in your life! Creative and inspiring career possibilities are coming into view. Now is the time to completely embrace new adventures that present themselves. Go for it!

Innovative ideas should be enthusiastically pursued. This is as good a time as any to take a risk in order to follow your dreams. If you want to change your life, do it now! Your dreams are within reach now, however, you will have to take the actions necessary to attain your goals. Wonderful new opportunities, possibilities are coming into play.

In the picture there is a genie, genies are magical beings who wish to make your dreams come true. This Genie has no ulterior motives: he really wishes to serve. His only reward is to see your happiness fulfilled. It’s said that in order to have a genie appear, it’s necessary to rub a magic lamp. The lamp is at the bottom of the card, it tells us that we can make wishes, but it is necessary to be hands-on when the magic starts to happen. The flowering bush surrounding your Genie is called Potentilla. The name Potentilla means to be powerful, strong, and capable of success. The genie stands between two cities, indicating that there are multiple opportunities for your plans to successfully play out. In the sky float three moons, mirroring the traditional three wishes said to be offered by genies. Astrologically, the moon refers to our emotions, needs, and intuition. All of these are excellent guides in knowing just which wish to make!

Angel number:

This is card number 23. When a magical card like the Ace of Fire shows up, it’s very important to keep your thoughts positive. You’re in manifesting mode with this card, and your beliefs determine what you create. Because of the three energy in this number, you may feel inclined to ask for help from Ascended Masters such as Jesus, the Saints, or other Spiritual Leaders in heaven. There is assistance dissipates negative energy and keeps your intentions crystal clear. The number 23 also reduces to a 5. Fives are indicators of the changes that are coming into your life, as well as your power to make modifications to your personal journey.

Additional meanings on this card:

Starting a new business. Job offers or promotions. Exciting new information. Self expression. A fresh start.

C.) The Moon… Archangel Haniel:

Important psychics insights. Events behind the scenes. Release fears that hold you back.

Everyone experiences times in their lives when they’re afraid or insecure sometimes these fears are based on external factors you can see, and sometimes worry stem from irrational or unreal concerns. In both cases it’s important to go within and listen to your intuition as to what to do next. Ask your inner self about the source of your anxiety, and trust your guidance.

The angels sent you this card because this is a time of powerful intuition and psychic ability. However, your greatest insights will be about yourself. Embrace self-awareness to overcome past blocks that have held you back. The Moon will provide clarity and respect to your situation. Psychic visions as well as your nighttime dreams should be given credence. What is your subconscious trying to tell you? Could there be more going on here than meets the eye? Awaken to truth about yourself that you’ve kept hidden and see the brilliant light.

Under the light of this shining Moon, things that you thought weren’t possible ( or even real) suddenly come to life. There are opportunities for enlightenment that are so wondrous you can scarcely believe it. Fears that have previously held you back can now be released. Chances are that these worries and concerns aren’t even valid anymore. Perhaps they never were!

In the picture, Archangel Haniel wears the cross of equal proportion…. Conscious and subconscious thoughts are balanced. On one side of her is a wolf, on the other, a dog. They represent the wild and tame. Two streams flow into a pond…conscious and subconscious knowledge is converging. The pond represents meditation and inner wisdom.

Angel Number:

The Moon card is 18. With 18, people may feel compelled to express their concerns or fears. There is also a connection between the spiritual and material worlds….which may feel at odds with one another. So you must stay positive about your expectations so your material needs can be met in ways that you feel good about.

Archangel Haniel is associated with the Moon, Intuition, and Clairvoyance. She will show you the truth in your situation. Call upon Haniel for help in developing, trusting, and following your Spiritual gifts and Divine Guidance. Her aura is pale blue…moonlight colors.


If you would like a more extensive Reading, personalized just for you,
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Here are a number of Testimonials for my Readings! 

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