Angelic Guidance Results for February 15th/16th


Here is your message from the Angels for February 15th/16th. The Angels let you know what you need to hear most in your life right now! I have a attached Reiki Distance healing to Everyone reading this!!! Much love, light and blessings!

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A. ) Three of Water:

A celebration! A wedding, graduation, or birth announcement. They need to have more fun.

It’s time for a celebration! Weddings, announcements of pregnancy or birth, and reunions are likely graduations or promotions are on the horizon.

Or perhaps you don’t need a reason to kick up your heels. You just need to have more fun! You’re working too hard and must learn to relax. This card may be telling you that you need to enjoy a little more and find a reason to have a party or take a vacation. You might need to enchant your inner child with a day at an amusement park or whatever makes your heart sing and embrace the moment and have fun!

In the picture are three happy dolphins swimming about in the ocean. Dolphins have very strong connections to those in their groups. For this reason they represent happy communities. Three cups full of water sit together on the ocean’s floor. These cups represent the contents of your emotional, inner lives. By placing the cups together, the Dolphins have shown their desire to have a shared experience. A ray of light softly shines through the ocean water to the Dolphins and the cups. At that level of the ocean, you would expect the image to be dark, but these happy circumstances have invited you into the light!

Angel number:

The angel number for this card is 39, which ask you to be of service to others, seek out your life purpose, and begin fulfilling it immediately so that you may have the joy of celebration in your lives everyday. The number is also associated with Ascended Masters such as Jesus and Buddha, who are kind and loving and have only your best interests at heart. The number 39 reduces to 3. This is a number of creativity, communication, and our fullness, which are all aspects of the Three of Water.

Additional meanings of this card:

Community. Hospitality. Entertainment. Good fortune. Happy conclusions.

B.) The Star; Archangel Jophiel:

Happy times. Make positive, optimistic long-term plans. On the right path.

The star card is one of unending hope, pure faith, and true understanding. It indicates that our choices have been such that we can begin to make longer term plans. We have a sense of purpose that allows us to see that an abundant future is within our reach. If we were to limit this card’s definition to just one word, it would be Faith.

Go ahead: Wish Upon a Star! The Angels say you have every reason to feel hope and to have happy expectations! Believe in your dreams; and look to your future with optimism, excitement, and confidence. Challenging times are now behind you, and brighter times are ahead.

Make your plans with the long view in mind. Now is the time to envision your life the way you want it to be and to take action in that direction. The expectations you create for yourself are planted in fertile soil. Trust and follow your intuition, as it’s right on target.

The star card tells you that you can now enjoy the happiness that comes from the spiritual work you’ve done. By letting go of the past, casting off the chains of your ego, and making the changes that you needed to make. You’re now free to set off on a new level of prosperity and freedom!

However, just as those mountains in the image are far off in the distance, you are also asked to make your plans from the perspective of the big picture. At this point, you should be visualizing your life as you would like it to be in the long run as opposed to just next week. Notice in the picture Archangel Jophiel’s pouring out water from two urns. She has no worries that the water will run out, as the source is eternal and unlimited. She has total faith that her path is perfect. The water pouring out also symbolizes the power of meditation. One urn pours out water that falls into five streams, representing the five senses, which are enhanced by meditation. The water then falls into a pool below that represents the universal consciousness. In the sky are seven stars, reflecting the seven chakras. The mountains in the background indicate the great heights that you can aspire to at this time in your life.

Angel number:

The number for The Star card is 17, which carries with it good fortune. Much of that comes as result of the positive energy you put out into the Universe that has now returned to reward you. Your insights when under the energy of Number 17 are accurate and precise.

Additional meanings of this card:

Faith. A sense of purpose. A prosperous new beginning. Being on the right path.

Archangel Jophiel is the Ange of optimism who helps us develop a sunshiny outlook and attitude. She can show us how beautiful life can be. Your positive energy helps us keep the faith that this card star card represents. We can ask her to help us to remain in a positive mindset while we plan our joyful new future. She will help you celebrate your victories and stay optimistic about your future.

Archangel Jophiel’ s color is dark pink.

C.) Queen of Air:

Independent, experienced, realistic, witty

Objective decision making. Clearing away all that no longer serves you. Seeing the humor in a situation.

The Queen of Air is often referred to as the fung shui card , as it signifies a life free of clutter or emotional distractions , otherwise known as drama. This is a card of wisdom born of many life experiences, some of them up lifting, and some of them quite challenging. There’s an inner peace that has been earned. You’ve come to know how to handle just about any situation that comes with the card, and the past experiences it represents.

Your clear decision making abilities are needed right now. See through any hidden agendas. It’s time to remove anything or anyone from your life whose presence no longer serves your greatest good. Still try to see the underlying humor.

In the picture, a beautiful and wise Queen exhibits intense focus upon the task at hand. She conjures up a magical unicorn, as her intentions are pure and crystal clear. Our queen is dressed in tanzanite jewels. Tanzanite has many meanings that are reflective of this card. It connects us to our spirituality and is said to enhance clairvoyance. Tanzanite is also known for its ability to promote communication and allows you to speak your truth clearly, and is an excellent stone for attaining clarity with respect to who we are and what we want to accomplish. The Queen of Air may not have many friends, but the ones she does have, she trusts. Just a couple of close friends are all she needs. The Queen is using intellectual fire to create the unicorn. Her passion comes from her mind rather than from her heart.

Angel number:

This is card 63. The energy of the 6 is one of the material world. Our Queen is very focused on the real world and has a strong streak of pragmatism and perfectionism. The 3 energy guides us to ask the Ascended Masters for assistance, practice that our very experienced Queen is no doubt aware of. The number 63 reduces to a 9. If you place your focus on your Divine life purpose and service to those around you, the other details will work themselves out.

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Here are a number of Testimonials for my Readings! 

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