Healing Meditation with the Violet Flame


This Meditation uses the Violet Flame to Heal. The Violet Flame Transforms, Transmutes, it’s basically Spiritual Alchemy! Give the Violet Flame your negative energy, your negative Karma, anything that is blocking you from the Life You Desire…it will Transmute it! Archangel Zadkiel, his Twin Flame, Holy Amethyst, and Saint Germain all are caretakers of the Violet Flame and will assist you!

I channeled this guided meditation a few years ago. It is on a serene ocean beach. It is a very gentle, soulful, easy meditation to follow along. Those that don’t meditate find it very helpful.

$5.00 for the Meditation…you can play it as many times as you want

Once you have paid for it, I will send you the private YouTube link for the Meditation to your email. Please respect that this was a channeled meditation and not share it with others. You can guide them to purchase it themselves. Thank you!

Here are comments/testimonials:

* Absolutely Beautiful & extremely helpful! I try to do this every nite now. Really resonates with me and my birthchart. My north node is in the 12th house. The ocean. I will keep in touch Thanx so very much! ❤ *)

* This is one of the best violet flame meditation I have tried. thank you so much. blessings. xx

* This made me cry. Thank you so much!

* Beautiful.

* Wow! My third eye was pulsating and vibrating. Beautiful meditation. Thank you for sharing,

* I felt all the negative energy I had start to leave my body. It was something I had never quite felt before until experiencing this

Much Love, Light, Joy and Many Blessings! Enjoy!

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