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Turning Life and Home into a Sanctuary!

As the Intuitive Realtor/Healer, I work as a team with my buyer’s to find your Dream Home. It is very important to have a Realtor that cares about you as the buyer, a Realtor that takes time to listen to what your wants and needs are, and a Realtor that discovers what you are really looking for and dreaming of. I have felt so honored in the past to be able to assist so many buyers in the process of purchasing a home.



These are additional services that I offer to my Home Buyers, beyond the traditional services that I provide! We can discuss them and you can decide energetically what feels right to you and your home.

1.  Space/Energy Clearings (on your new home): I remove any lingering energy from the
previous owner. Each of us leaves energy imprints wherever we are. During the final step, I infuse the energy you want to invite into the home, for instance, a happy, healthy, loving, abundant home. This sets the stage for welcoming you to your New Home!

2.  Energy Healings/Reiki (on your body):  Clearing and aligning the energy in your body, raising your vibration. (I do this once on each of the home buyers, any additional service you get a 20% discount thru-out the term of the contract)

3.  Visualization: I will make a personal recording for you to listen to. This not only would have your dream home in it, but your dream life.

4. Crystals: I will teach you how to use crystals as a tool to manifest the life you desire, including buying a home!

5. Vision Boards: This is something you can create on your own, but I can give you guidance, to help you dream and attract the life you desire!

6. Altars: Creating an altar in your home, using special objects, photos, plants, etc, to represent the new life you want!

Here are my Testimonials from Real Estate Clients!

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2 thoughts on “Home Buyers

  1. you should open this up for people who want to stay in the home they are in but know it needs a clearing and fresh breath to start over♥

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