Space Clearing Ritual Meditation Video

The energy in our homes can literally be holding us back from the Life that we Desire. If it has a lot of lower, negative energy…either from ourselves, others, our items…or previous owners/tenants…this energy can literally block us from our … Continue reading

Testimonial’s on all Aspects of My Business!

I have finally gathered many of the testimonials that I have received over the years and organized them into different categories of my business. I am so honored to be doing what I love and to be able to help so many … Continue reading

The Healing Services That I Offer!


I provide a variety of  Healing Services to my clients.

  1. Soul Awakening!; this is one on one, over the phone, Skype, and in my home in Verona, WI.
  2. Readings: I offer a variety of readings, either over the phone or email.
  3. Energy Healing; Hands on: directly on your clothed body at my home in Verona, WI USA
  4. Reiki Distant Healing; working on your energy on your body, your home over the phone. This could also be set up for me to do this on my own over a month’s time.
  5. Space/Energy Clearing; on your home, place of business, office.
  6. Distance Space Clearing: clearing energy from you home, business, or office from a distance!

Turn Your Life and Home Into a Sanctuary!

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Soul Awakening!

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Distance Space/Energy Clearings

Turning Life and Home into a Sanctuary! Being the Intuitive Realtor/Healer, I’ve had many requests over the years about Distant Space Clearings on homes that are presently for sale, but are not in my physical location. With all the energy … Continue reading

Reasons to Do a Space Clearing


We all have the ability to sense energy. Quantum physics has proved that everything in the Universe and beyond is comprised of energy, constantly flowing, changing and affecting all areas of our lives. Space clearings can enhance and freshen the space, similar to a spring cleaning. Energy flows freely without getting stuck. It involves a beautiful and profound ceremony that is designed to cleanse, purify and consecrate the energy of a physical space. When the spaces around us are nurturing and supportive our quality of life improves. As a Space Clearer, I can do this for you.

There are endless ways space clearing can be used. It is one of the most powerful techniques for clearing and synchronizing energy in our lives. Space clearing can transform a dismal environment into a sacred space, harmonize the energies and help turn your home/space into a sanctuary.

The following is a list of reasons to do a space clearing:

  • Moving into a new home or office space to clear out any predecessor’s energy: Your home/space will carry energetic remains from all previous people that were there. Depending on the age of the home, this could be over decades or centuries.
  • Selling a home so it welcomes a new buyer (also renting):  This helps the owners release their energy in the home, so a new buyer feels welcome and accepted in this home. I also have meditations to help a home seller release their energy.
  • Manifest Your Desire: Helps you co-create what your dreams and desires are by sending off the same vibration. It can help you improve relationships, finances, and opportunities.
  • To Enrich Profits in Business: Releases any energies from any previous businesses, gives a fresh start, and attracts prosperity to the business
  • Used Objects: When you bring a used object into your home, whether it is an item of clothing or furniture, it will hold the previous owner’s history, especially if it is an antique, it is a good idea to clear the energy of the object
  • After a death on the premises Space clearing is an excellent way of cleansing the home to rid it from this emotional residue. 
  • After an illness: Wash all bedding and clean the room thoroughly; then, do the space clearing. It is also a good idea to air out the room by opening all the windows with the intention to release the unhealthy energy and refresh the space.
  • Foreclosure or short sale: Your home/space will carry energetic remains from all previous people that were there. These homes hold unfavorable financial energy within their walls. This energy needs to be released.


If you or anyone you know would benefit from space clearing, contact me:

Heidi Kelley 
Intuitive Realty/KW
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Clearing Clutter to Manifest


As an Intuitive Realtor in Madison, I talk to Sellers about the importance of “decluttering” in an effort to get their home sold.  We all have the tendency to collect clutter.  I admit, I am still a work in progress.  I came from a family that saved everything.  I have found the more I clear out of my house, the more I make room for new.

When we hang onto our unused items, saving them for a rainy day,  we are basically saying we don’t have the faith that we will receive what we need in the future. We are living in fear, lack and scarcity. This is how our ancestors lived and it has been passed down to us.

In actuality, when we clear out clutter, we are opening up our lives to manifesting, to receiving. Clutter clearing is about letting go. Let your unloved or unused items go and allow the energy ‘chi’ to flow. Feng Shui masters have spoken for years about the benefits of clearing clutter.

Clutter and disharmony blocks our mental and spiritual energy and makes it harder to create, prosper and manifest new things into our lives. When we create a space by getting rid of the old, the new comes into our life. So if you get rid of old clothes, you are making space for new clothes to be manifested in your life.

One final thought, you must be open to receiving. Sometimes the clutter is your own self-sabotaging block to get in the way of your desire. Listen to your heart and try to understand if you have any deep fear about the outcome of what you want to manifest. Do you think you will lose the memories if you sell your home, or that your family won’t accept your new life? Listen to your heart, your soul, your intuition and then be open to receive.

Contact me for more details:

Heidi Kelley 
Intuitive Realty/KW
3 Point Place
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Free Space Clearing for my Clients: Home Buyers and Sellers


I am an Intuitive Realty in Madison, WI. I specialize in offering unique and individualized services for my clients.  One of the services that I provide is Space Clearing, for either my home buyers or sellers.

Space clearing is a basic universal desire to align and attune the energies of a space to their highest possible potential of expression.  Space clearing is a way to instantly shift and transform the subtle, energy surrounding us. Our homes are filled with infinite layers of vibrating energy; they are mirrors of ourselves, leaving an imprint of any energy either positive or negative that we radiate. Everything that happens in a building vibrates and leaves an energetic imprint. This stagnant, sluggish, stuck energy accumulates all around us like dust and cobwebs, we just can’t see it. People sometimes say, “You could have cut the air with a knife!” meaning that the atmosphere was so thick you can still feel the argument.

          Space Clearing, Sacred Space by Denise Linn.

         There are three basic tenets that are the foundation of all space clearing techniques:

  • Everything is composed of constantly changing energy.
  • You are not separate from the world around you.
  • Everything has consciousness.

       “Your home is an evolving being much as you are an evolving being.  You home’s Beingness is one that you may communicate with, it provides protection and healing”, Denise Linn.

  With space clearing the energy is set into motion and dispersed. Space clearing can transform a dismal environment into a sacred space, harmonize the energies and help turn your home into a sanctuary. A sacred ritual is performed. There are a variety of tools—such as white sage, bells, music, drums, fresh flowers, dousing, to name a few that can be used.  The atmosphere will feel lighter and brighter. 

 Space clearing is a powerful tool that can transform your life, to give yourself the fresh start that you so much deserve.

Contact me for more details:

Heidi Kelley 
Intuitive Realty/KW
3 Point Place
Madison, WI 53719