Personalized Visualization

I will create an Audio Visualization Personalized just for you! A visualization is similar to a meditation, but it is more about what you dream of, what you are manifesting in your life. It is a daydream to the extreme, where you not just think it, but you feel it in your body, in your cells, like it is actually happening to you. This is a very Powerful way to Manifest Your Dreams at a much more Rapid pace! Think of it as an Audio Visualization Board!

With the Personalized Visualization, I will talk to you on the phone, to find out what your dreams, desires, fantasies are. Some of these could be very simple and some could be far-fetched. What is your dream house, dream job, your dream career, your dream relationship, your Dream Life??? From this, I will create an audio for you to listen to. It is at least 20 min long. This will be your audio to keep and play over and over again.

As you listen to it, you will be transported into this Big Dream of Your’s, where everything is exactly what you Desire in Your Life! You will feel as if you are living it, you will view it from your own eyes. The more that you can do this, to feel it in your body, that this is something that you have and are very grateful for it, the HIGHER YOUR VIBRATION, and the more this audio will turn into your REALITY!

Please contact me if you have any questions about any of this!

1-Personalized Visualization Audio $99.99 Special Price $77.77


Much Love, Light, Joy and Many Blessings! Enjoy!

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