How has the Law of Attraction Affected Your Life?


Like many others who saw “The Secret” movie and/or read the book, I was intrigued but also skeptical. Does The Law of Attraction really work?  I didn’t understand how our thoughts create things in our lives,  how what we are thinking and feeling sends off a vibration to the universe and ultimately creates our life. It was a hard concept for me to grasp, but I continued to learn more about it.

I started to pay closer attention to what my thoughts were, how I projected myself and how I lived my life. I began to notice small changes around me.

Then one fall day it all hit me and I realized the Law of Attraction really does work. My son and I had an elderly Pug that we knew had to be put down soon. We also knew our family wouldn’t be the same without another dog to bring us joy, but what kind? As much as we loved our Pug, we couldn’t imagine having another, too many memories.

We both were very interested in the ads we were seeing about French Bulldogs. We loved their unusual appearance. Unfortunately, when I did research on them, I found their cost was prohibitive $1500 and up.

I filled out many applications for a rescue dog, I wanted an older dog, not a pup, in the 20 lb range…so there should have been a lot out there available…Right??? No one was responding to my applications. I was looking in several states too…I only got one call from Green Bay and that dog was already spoken for. I looked for several months with no luck.

Beeby Boy

This was when we first met Beefy. You can’t see it in this photo, but his back is shaved from the surgery.

I knew our beloved Pug’s time was running out. I also knew that for me to be ok, I had to find a dog. When my son was growing up, I had a daycare in my home….13 years of a very lively, happy house! The Summer my pug was deteriorating, my son left for school in Chicago. If I was going to go down hill…this would have been the time. For my sanity, my peace of mind, I had to find a dog!

I mentioned this to a friend who worked at a nearby animal hospital. To my surprise she told me they had a French Bulldog at the hospital that needed a new home. They had rescued him, brought him to good health, and he actually lived there as the animal hospital’s mascot for 8 months.  Rough housing with other dogs he broke his back and had emergency back surgery. They needed to find a good, quiet home for him to live. We met Beefy Boy the next day. We immediately fell in love with him.

We were heartbroken to see our Pug pass on, but I knew God had a much bigger plan.  Beefy became a part of our lives. He took care of us during the times we were grieving  and gave us unconditional love. In turn, we’ve taken care of him, giving him the home he always wanted.

This was our first Christmas with Beefy. He settled right into family life.

My life started to really change after this. I really took notice as to how powerful the Law of Attraction is. Since then, I have manifested many things in my life.

How has the Law of Attraction affected your lives?

Much Love, Light, Joy and Many Blessings! Enjoy!

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