Distance Space/Energy Clearings


Turning Life and Home into a Sanctuary!

Being the Intuitive Realtor/Healer, I’ve had many requests over the years about distant Space Clearings on homes that are presently for sale, but not in my physical location. With all the energy work that I do, including the distance/remote healing, I’m finally listening to Spirit and being guided to add this to my energy work. I am now offering long distance space/energy clearings.

Our homes are our sacred spaces, our sanctuary away from the rest of the world. Many people are sensitive to the vibrations in buildings. These vibrations are held in our walls, our furniture and also in our bodies. To help elevate, clear and create a space you want in your home, I work with the energy and do what is called a Space Clearing or Energy Clearing. I do this in homes of clients, businesses, offices, wherever I am needed.

I was guided to create a beautiful, unique ceremony that will cleanse, purify and consecrate the energy of a physical space. When the spaces around us are nurturing and supportive our quality of life improves. This will have a dramatic effect on your surroundings along with your body, your chakras, and your vibration.

There are endless ways space clearing can be used. It is one of the most powerful techniques for clearing and synchronizing energy in our lives. Space clearing can transform a dismal environment into a sacred space, harmonize the energies and help turn your home/space into a sanctuary.

I will perform this distance space clearing for anyone that wants to have their home, office, business’s energy uplifted. This is not just for people selling their homes. Every place needs the energy to be cleared. I clear mine on a regular, if not daily basis. We all benefit from a higher vibrational state and our homes reflect what is going on in our bodies.

$77.77…. this also includes me sharing things with you to do on your own to your place, ideas that you can continue to do through-out the years! 


Turning Your Life & Home Into a Sanctuary!

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