New Years Rituals

New Years is a time to reflect, to let go of what no longer serves you and to plant the seeds for the upcoming year. Here are some ideas on how to raise your vibration quicker in the New Year…to Create the Life you Desire!
Spend the day on December 31st (or around) by taking some time to be quiet and reflect on the year that is drawing to a close. Think about the people that mattered most to you, your greatest accomplishment, challenging difficulties and the lessons you learned.

Happy New Year

 A simple New Year’s Ritual to get you started….

  1. Find a quiet place to do your ritual, preferably your own home/room or space.
  2. Light a candle and imagine a light in and around you…whatever color you prefer…you can make it shimmer or sparkle, twirl or dance…let your imagination play!
  3. Take a few deep breaths, get centered. I find it helpful to have my feet on the ground and imagine them rooted deep into Mother Earth.
  4. Once you feel centered, on a piece of paper write down the area of your life you’re unhappy with, what you want to let go of, to release. Be specific; keep writing till you feel you have it’s all out of your system. It could be pages, just let your emotions flow. It doesn’t matter if what you write doesn’t make sense, it is clearing out this energy from your body, from your chakras, especially your heart and throat. You are the only one that will see it and you don’t even need to read it yourself…just let this unwanted energy release from your body and flow out onto the paper.
  5. Then put that paper aside, and on another piece, write down all the things you want to attract into your life this year, what you desire, what you want to manifest in your life for 2016.
  6. Take the pieces of paper with all that you are releasing, letting go of and take it outside. Put it in a fire-safe container and burn it. Give it all over to God, to the Angels, to Mother Earth and Father Sky. Let it all go….. Once you have done burned them, throw away the ashes in a place that seems right to you (listen to your Intuition).. and as you do, say goodbye.
  7. Then wash your hands, take the piece of paper with everything you are attracting and place it in a location you will see regularly. This can be a vision board, an alter, near your bed or on the bathroom mirror. Someplace where you will be reminded regularly of this beautiful life you’re creating for 2016!


As for your house, you can burn sage, palo santo (holy) wood, incense, whatever feels right to you. Open the windows wide, or just a crack (depending on the weather) and go around the house burning it, be careful of the flames and ashes). Walk around the house and release the unwanted energy. Ask Archangel Michael to help assist you to clear it

Then bless the house with water that has been blessed either by someone else or blessed by you in a prayer over the water.  Add a few drops of an essential oil, whatever scent feels right to you….listen to your intuition. Remember that the important thing about blessing is the intention. You can put it in a spritz bottle and walk around the house, blessing it, thanking it for all it has given you and ask it to help you with your desires for 2016.



Take a purification bath.Listen to your Intuition and create the perfect bath for yourself. It can have Epson salt, sea salt, but my favorite is pink Himalayan salt (it not only purified you, but raises your vibration!) You can add crystals to your bath, just be careful not to add crystal clusters…they break down in salt! Tumbled crystals are perfect for this (keep track so they don’t go down the drain!) You can add essential oils and even play music associated with the heart Chakra (there is a lot on YouTube). You can scrub yourself with sea salt and wash yourself thoroughly in the water. Just listen to your Intuition to what is right for you.

Light candles….light candles for the New Year….you can carve 2016 in them, you can carve symbols, such as dollar signs or hearts…whatever feels right to you. Listen to your heart for the color of the candle, green could be abundance, pink for love, purple for passion, white for spirituality and to cover everything for the New Year, but once again, listen to your heart for what color to use (that’s the right one!) You can even dress the candle with an essential oil…just start from the bottom and move up toward the wick. When you light it, have the intention in your mind, or say it out loud of what you are manifesting for the New Year.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful year of love, peace, good health and many blessings…much love and joy! Happy 2016!

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Winter Solstice Ritual


This midpoint of winter is not only the shortest day of the year, but also the longest night. The world is very still and the land dormant. Various festivals of light are celebrated, and have been for thousands of years, serving as a reminder that the light will indeed return. Throughout many cultures there are tales describing this time.

This image portrays a simple yet powerful representation of the winter solstice. We see a clear reflection of the snowy woods on the still, frozen waters of the lake. The blue tint drapes the scene with an even greater sense of quiet and solace, inviting us to walk very softly but if we disturb the intense yet gentle grace of this scene. The reflection of the trees on the frozen lake reminds us that this is a time for us to go inside – – both out physical shelter as well as our internal world – and there contemplate the season that has passed, the season that is, and the seasons yet to come.

Winter Solstice Ritual:

Find a quiet place, where you won’t be disturbed. Set up the space to your liking. This can include candles, crystals, holly, evergreen, photos, statues etc….create your sacred space. This ritual can be performed within the next 5 days during the winter solstice.

Review the past year and ask yourself what the most important lessons you have had to learn are, what you have accomplished, and what dreams and visions you want to manifest in the upcoming year. Whether it has been a relatively smooth ride or a challenging series of events, acknowledge your experience as being the work of God, the Divine, the Universe, no matter what your judgements, fear, or joys are. Honor whatever has happened over the previous several months with gratitude and forgiveness. Then let it go. Allow yourself some solitude so you can spend some quiet, slow time in reflection.

Once you feel complete, reflect on your present life, especially focusing on what you are grateful for. When you are finished, consider what is to come- – all the different possibilities and potential that exist before you. Allow your imagination to roam without limitation or ambition, and see what shows up. Notice how you feel in your body with whatever scenario plays out in your mind. These are previews of that which is gestating, and can manifest and grow when cared for properly. Patience and stillness is called for here, for just as the earth cycles have their own pace, so does this cycle.

Earth Magic by Stephen D Farmer