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“It is such a pleasure to have the opportunity to express my respect and regard for Heidi Kelley. Heidi has represented me for two separate real estate deals this year. Her competence in the transactions and her complete commitment to making sure I was getting what I needed were exceptional.

Heidi cares deeply about her clients. Her professionalism goes above and beyond anything I have ever experienced in real estate business before. Heidi was so on top of a very hot market that I was able to purchase a lovely home at an affordable price. Her quick action and constant attention to detail made this possible. In a separate sale of property that was fraught with banking regulations and delays, she made sure my interests were protected. I would like to add that Heidi always answered my concerns immediately and was always accessible.

On a personal level, Heidi is a warm and genuine individual. She is ethical and honest. When I need an agent in the future, it will definitely be Heidi.”

“Heidi Kelley was the perfect realtor for me. I found her on the web and as soon as I saw the name and title I knew you were the right one. I had a special circumstance and knew I needed help with the selling of my lovely home. I knew you could provide that. And you did exactly that.

I know you did some extra things and took some extra time in clearing me and the house and getting it ready for the perfect people to buy it. And it worked beautifully! Once it was up, it was sold in 24 hours! It exceeded my expectations!

With our similar intentions and working on clearings and manifestations, it was a win/win for everyone involved, including the buyer. How does it get any better than that?

Thank you, Heidi for being my Intuitive Angel Realtor!” Blessings, S

“I was referred to Heidi by a friend and I’m forever grateful for it.
Due to an accident, my father could not live in his home anymore and was moved to assisted living shortly thereafter. Now I was presented with the problem of what to do with his house.
My family and I were given Heidi’s name by a sister-in-law and after meeting with her, she said she would love to help us out.

We then proceeded to clear out the house and get it ready for sale. Heidi skillfully helped us get through a difficult time for my family. After a short time, we had an accepted offer!

A week before we were supposed to close on the house, my father passed away suddenly. Once again she came through, giving expert advice and making sure the steps were taken to keep closing on schedule.

Heidi went above and beyond what I thought a realtor could do for someone. My family is forever grateful to her and will always recommend her to anyone needing home sales assistance.” MS

“Heidi Kelley is an amazing Intuitive Realtor. She performed a thorough house clearing spending hours performing a smudging, a dousing (she is naturally born Douser), meditations and prayers to bring in the perfect buyer in a timely way. She also performed energy work to ease my anxieties of having strangers walking through my home while I was not there. I felt completely safe and the safety for my belongings during the numerous showings that occurred. There were no problems.
She thoughtfully made suggestions on what changes I could make to my house so that it would show better. Her suggestions made complete sense and were all very affordable. She saw needed changes that I did not see.
Her Realtor skills and her Intuitive abilities sold my house in five weeks. Two buyers competed biding for my house, the winning bid offering full asking price and waving a $2000 carpet credit. It was amazing. The couple who bought my home are putting their own love into the home by replacing all the flooring with hardwood floors, ceramic tile and new carpets, and replacing all appliances with stainless steel appliances. It has been easy to let go of my loving home of 19 years to this happy couple.
Heidi sold my house sold so quickly I had to quickly find an apartment to move into. I had an area in mind but could not find an affordable apartment listing there. Heidi performed additional energy work to assist me in finding an apartment and gave me suggestions on how to add my own energy into the search. I am now living in that very beautiful area that I wanted to be in, in an apartment that I can afford, that is spacious, beautiful, safe and comfortable.
This whole experience with Heidi has been uplifting. Heidi has incredible intuitive abilities, she is intelligent, capable, confident and an effective Realtor. I proudly tell people my home was sold by the Intuitive Realtor of Madison.” D

Because Heidi is such an amazingly good realtor, it is hard to put down on paper and in to words. I feel like saying she’s great or thanking her for all of her amazing work doesn’t begin to cover it – it’s not enough. We originally met Heidi on a fluke – we requested to see a house and she was the one that showed up to show it to us. After that, she gave us ideas as to what we could do to sell our house. Gave us suggestions on what could be done with our new house. Helped us figure out what inspections and testing needed to be done. Was always a phone call or email away to help calm my craziness – was in constant contact about what was going on. Selling our old house and buying a new one was a long road for us as I got pregnant and we took a break from houses for a while. When we were ready to get back, Heidi was right there and jumped in to help – didn’t miss a single beat. I can’t pinpoint when, but somewhere in the process Heidi stopped being a just a realtor to us and became a friend. I am so grateful for all she has done for us. If we ever need a realtor again we will definitely be going back to Heidi….MK

Dear Prospective Buyer,
Heidi reached out and asked if we would be willing to provide a testimony to what is was like working with her during the purchase of our house. Without a doubt, I would be happy to share our experience.
This was our first home and I was very leery when choosing a realtor. We had begun by going to open houses and talking with real estate agents there. As soon as they found out that we were “in the market”, it was almost as agonizing as walking onto a used car lot.
This was an important purchase for us. We were looking for a house to raise our family and call “home”, not something that we would be trading in 5 years down the road or could be cavalier about the decision. A recommendation for Heidi fell into our lap and we reached out. During our first encounter she may have sensed our apprehension and immediately began making sure that I understood that she knew the importance of this for us. She was very candid with the fact that she would not be offended if we didn’t feel the “click” when working with her.
Over the next few months, it became clear, that having her walk into our lives and help us through this journey couldn’t have been better. To avoid this letter rambling for pages, let me just highlight the things that stand out to me looking back:
o She tirelessly went from listing to listing with us, sometimes doing 6 houses in one day
o She had shown some houses on the market to other buyers, so she had a good idea of something things out there that might work or ones she knew wouldn’t (although she still took us if we wanted to see for ourselves)
o She did a great job of keeping my wants, my husband’s wants, and the vision for space for our children (in fact my oldest who is 4, still talks about our friend “Heidi”, the girls really liked her)
o Once we decided on a house, our inspection didn’t go smoothly and she fought for our best interest every step of the way, while still keeping a good working relationship with the seller’s realtor
o Our 2nd offer and decision was the right one (we walked away from the first home). She was instrumental in advising us when it came to making an offer and looking at surrounding homes to see what was realistic.
The bottom line is, we got our home for an excellent price. Heidi was instrumental in our journey and if we are ever looking at selling in the future or buying again, she will be our first contact. She became our business advisor, chauffeur, and most importantly, our friend during this huge step in our lives. We have been in our home for about 7 months now and have never regretted one step of how we got here!…The B’s

For info on how I set myself apart as a
the Intuitive Realtor/Healer

please go to Home Buyer’s page and Home Seller’s page.

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